about The Mckay Métis Community

Fort McKay Métis are members of the Fort McKay community which is located 60 kilometers north of Fort McMurray. The growing and diverse membership is represented by Fort McKay Métis Community, a not-for-profit society incorporated under the Alberta Societies Act. Located in the heart of the Oilsands, the community has faced unprecedented change over the last 30 years. This change has brought both opportunities and challenges; but, by following the Elder's traditional teachings and committing to grassroots development, the community is facing their challenges head on while taking advantage of the opportunities presented to them.

During the summer of 2009, McKay Métis Nation leadership undertook discussions with Teck Resources Limited (Teck) and SilverBirch Energy Corporation (SilverBirch) regarding capacity and support for the McKay Metis in achieving the community’s key priorities. Following these meetings, Teck and SilverBirch offered in-kind support to the McKay Metis in pursuing financial and other resources for the community to begin working toward achieving their goals.

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In the course of endeavoring to gain a better understanding of the community’s key priorities and seek opportunities to lend support, it became apparent that McKay Métis would benefit immensely in undertaking a strategic planning session to better define community priorities and needs, both in the immediate future and strategic planning session to better define community priorities and needs, both in the immediate future and long-term. The Fort McKay Métis undertook a community strategic planning session on April 29-30, 2010. The planning session was immensely successful in identifying and prioritizing the McKay Métis community’s key priorities and developing a plan to achieve the goals that were set. Time was spent building cohesion among participants and clarifying the community’s vision. The planning session and resulting report provide the community and leadership with the tools, skill sets and support required to embark upon the journey of building strong, culturally vibrant, and most importantly, sustainable and autonomous community.

Community strategic planning is an on-going process; the strategic planning document is a living document and the goals and objectives identified are continually evolving as the community grows and changes. We invite you to become familiar with the goals and objectives identified by the community and join us in building a strong, healthy and vibrant community!