Ron Quintal 
President Ex-Officio Member of All Committees | 780-828-4401 
Fax: 1866-721-8907

Ron has been the President of Fort McKay Métis since 2005. This began as a volunteer position while he continued to work full time for Shell Canada. Since that time Ron has grown as a leader in the community, taking a leave of absence from Shell  Canada in 2009 to work full time for the Fort McKay Métis. Since then he helped establish the Fort McKay Métis Group Ltd, a social enterprise that has helped to fund community initiatives such as beautification and the building of a new community park. He has also developed meaningful relationships with the Fort McKay First Nation, various levels of government, and companies in the region. These relationships have led to the development of a long-term agreement to work with the Fort McKay First Nation on behalf of the community, a long-term lease of Fort McKay Métis lands with the Government of Alberta, and Good Neighbour and Joint Venture agreements with companies throughout the region. Ron is a leader with a strong vision for a Métis community that is socially, environmentally and economically sustainable. He strongly believes that communities need to be built from the ground up and he therefore includes members on all major community decisions.

John Paquette
Vice President Housing and Community Infrastructure Portfolio | 780-828-4401
Fax: 1866-721-8907

John has been Vice President of the Fort McKay Métis Nation since 2005. Prior to working as Vice President he worked for the Operator’s Union in addition he has helped with a number of projects in the region including the construction of the Syncrude Buffalo Statues. A lifelong resident Fort McKay, building the community is John’s passion. John is a director on the Fort McKay Métis Group Ltd. and is the community’s Housing and Building Manager. In the later role he has supervised a number beautification and development projects in the community, including the development of the Fort McKay Métis Boat Launch and Community Park. His ultimate goal is to see each Fort McKay Métis member have a suitable modern house in the community and he is striving every day to reach this goal.

Margie Wood
Treasurer Elders Portfolio | 780-828-4401
Fax: 1866-721-8907

Margie (Bug) Wood is a key member of the management team, ensuring the community’s Elders play a meaningful role in the Fort McKay Métis community. A community member all her life and a Board Member since 2005, Margie has maintained a strong vision for a sustainable community where everyone has equal access to all the opportunities this region has to offer. In addition to her duties as Treasurer, Margie also works in the office as an Administrative assistant, answering phones and generally keeping the team together with her wit and charm.

Lauretta Waquan
Secretary Membership Portfolio | 780-828-4401
Fax: 1866-721-8907

Lauretta has been a member of the Fort McKay Métis Board of Directors since 2008. She is a full time employee at the Shell Albian site and between juggling her work and hope responsibilities finds time to participate as the secretary of the Fort McKay Métis. Recently she has also taken the responsibility of organizational membership and will be responsible for developing and implementing a new membership process.

Glen Faichney
Director in charge of Housing Construction, Development and Maintenance