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An Enterprise Group of Companies generating profits that are reinvested back into the Fort McKay Métis community.


McKay Métis Group Ltd. (MMG) is a social enterprise owned by the Fort McKay Métis Nation (FMMN). Our profits are used to provide Fort McKay Métis Nation members access to affordable housing, education, elders & youth services, economic development, infrastructure and to defend the constitutional rights of the Fort McKay Métis members. The benefits of working with us are tangible – not just for your bottom line – but for the benefits you will see in our community.


Our group is comprised of companies specializing in services like road maintenance, snow removal, security, PPE and materials, transportation, specialty and commodity chemicals, fuel and lube, tree clearing, crane services and more.

We provide and generate revenue in support of an economically and socially prosperous Fort McKay Métis community where safety, cultural pride and health are at the forefront. By leveraging quality, accountability, professionalism, and safety, we generate profits for our partners and our own enterprises while delivering tangible social benefits for the Fort McKay Métis Nation.

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By investing in our business, you are investing in our community.