Who We ARe

Fort McKay Métis Nation, along with the Fort McKay First Nation, make up the majority of the community of Fort McKay, which is located 60 kilometers north of Fort McMurray.

A founding member of the Alberta Métis Federation, The McKay Métis Nation is committed to self-governance, and on May 24, 2019, unveiled a constitution and other governance instruments including an Election Act, Governance Act, and Membership Act.

Located in the heart of the oil sands, the community was founded in the early nineteenth century and grew with the fur trade in the region. While the fur trade has remained a core part of the community’s identity, in more recent years, members have had to manage the impacts, and leverage opportunities brought by the development of the oil sands.

In 2018, the Fort McKay Métis Nation saw a major milestone when they bought, fee simple, the land on which their community is built. This was historic and an example to many other Métis communities.

In 2020, the Fort McKay Métis Nation was given “credible assertion” status from the province of Alberta – the first Métis community in Alberta to be given the same recognition as a First Nation.